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Why winter is the best time to see a Broadway show

January 19, 2022 by TodayTix
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The weather outside is cold, but Broadway theatres are warm and lively. Now that the holiday season is also through, the rush of tourists into the Theatre District has subsided. That makes February one of the best times of the year to see a Broadway show, and Broadway theatres are just waiting to welcome audiences in. February performances on Broadway still have plenty of great seats available — and it’s also Fee-Free February on TodayTix, where we’re offering no-fee tickets to plenty of your favorite shows.

So bundle up and take a trip to the theatre! All these Broadway shows have plenty of tickets available for fantastic prices this month. If you’ve been meaning to see a show to kick off the New Year, or are dying to get into that buzzy musical you’ve heard so much about, now’s your perfect chance. Here are our picks for Broadway musicals to warm you up this winter with plenty of lively song and dance.

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Arabia’s a lot warmer than New York in winter! So if you can’t actually travel there (by magic carpet or otherwise) to escape the cold, spend a few hours at Aladdin instead. The musical adaptation of the Disney classic has been bringing audiences from around the globe to a whole new world since 2014.

The titular character is a poor street urchin who falls in love with Princess Jasmine. However, Jasmine’s father, the Sultan, will only let her marry nobility and has promised her to the evil Jafar. Aladdin gets his chance to win her over when he finds a wish-granting Genie in a magic lamp and uses a wish to transform himself into a prince. Now, he just has to figure out how to defeat Jafar, free the genie, and show Jasmine his true self without losing her love — all in those two remaining wishes.

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Chicago is a Broadway staple that’s always there to welcome you in for a lively, glitzy, criminally fun evening of theatre. With catchy jazz music and sleek choreography that’s now synonymous with Bob Fosse, this musical has been killing it on Broadway for more than 25 years and has featured dozens upon dozens of celebrities in its lead roles.

In Chicago, the housewife/wannabe vaudeville singer Roxie Hart gets an unexpected big break when she murders her lover. Convinced at first that her dreams are done for, she meets two people in jail that change everything. First is the bona fide vaudeville star Velma Kelly, also locked up for killing her husband and sister. Rivals at first, the two end up forming a tense alliance. Second is Billy Flynn, a suave lawyer with a spotless record of getting criminals off scot-free. He helps tailor Roxie’s image just so in order to curry sympathy from the public and get her name on the front page of every newspaper in the city.

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Come From Away

Come From Away

See Come From Away and meet the only force strong enough to beat the Canadian chilliness: the warm, kind hearts of the people that live there. Based on a collection of true stories, Come From Away takes place in the week following 9/11. On the day of the attacks, the small island town of Gander, Newfoundland got 7,000 unexpected visitors to its fairly quiet airport: plane passengers from all over the world whose flights to America got diverted there.

With only a moment’s notice, the Gander townspeople pooled their resources, buildings, supplies, and manpower to provide for the travelers. As they fed, housed, and clothed them for a week, the travelers and the townspeople forged strong bonds that last to this day — and many of the real people in the show frequently return to the musical’s audience to see their stories told.

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Grab your friends — perhaps your group of ladies who lunch — to see Company on Broadway this winter. After all, nothing beats a dreary winter day better than spending it in good company! The musical centers on Bobbie, a perpetually single woman celebrating her 35th birthday. At her party, her friends, many of them married or about to be, wonder why she hasn’t settled down yet — and why she seems to be totally unable to.

Bobbie tries to figure out the answer to that question herself, and the musical contains a series of vignettes where she’s either interacting with her friends or a casual romantic partner. Each one teaches her something about what she does, and doesn’t, want out of her life in the long term. Does she decide to look for a stable relationship? Does she decide to stay single? You and your own friends will have to see for yourself.

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David Byrne's American Utopia

David Byrne’s American Utopia

Everybody’s coming to David Byrne’s house! Now in its second Broadway engagement, David Byrne’s American Utopia is the same as it ever was: funny, unique, comforting, and thoroughly entertaining. David Byrne, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee famous for leading the Talking Heads, presents a theatrical concert that’s not like anything else on Broadway.

Unlike a traditional Broadway show, American Utopia doesn’t have a linear story — Byrne tells various anecdotes from his life in between performances of his recent solo music and older Talking Heads hits. And unlike a traditional rock concert, there are no flashy sets, lights, or costumes — Byrne and his 11 backup vocalists/instrumentalists appear onstage in simple gray suits, barefoot, on a bare stage. But the minimal details allow the music to take center stage, and the result is a purely uplifting, unifying theatre experience.

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Dear Evan Hansen

Dear Evan Hansen

Dear theatregoer, today is going to be a great day and here’s why: You can now get Dear Evan Hansen tickets on TodayTix. You will be found laughing, crying, and everything in between during this deeply emotional musical. Evan Hansen is a teenager with social anxiety who is an outcast among his peers. He writes letters to himself at his therapist’s request, and one of them falls into the wrong hands — the parents of Connor, a classmate who died, find it. Connor bullied Evan, but his parents believe he and Evan were friends, and Evan goes along with it to comfort them.

Soon, all the eyes of the school are on Evan, and his lie grows so big that he ends up starting a viral movement in support of teens like him. But eventually, he has to figure out how to tell the truth without losing his friends’ trust or that of Connor’s parents. Dear Evan Hansen won six Tony Awards, including Best Musical, and has captured the hearts of many theatregoers for forever.

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What’cha gonna do when the temps are down? Warm up with the gods at Hadestown. The musical, which won eight Tony Awards including Best Musical, is a modern retelling of Greek mythology, with two epic love stories at the center. There’s Hades and Persephone, the rulers of the underworld, reimagined here as a soulless industrial factory. Hades has built Hadestown to keep Persephone in with him, but she longs for every escape she can get.

Also seeking escape is Eurydice, a young girl who, with nowhere else to turn for shelter, has signed her life away to be a laborer in Hadestown. Her lover, the enchanting musician Orpheus, takes a perilous journey to Hadestown to rescue her, with the Fates and the god Hermes as his guides. But it’s nothing compared to the risk of the journey back. One journey that’s easy, though, is the trip to the Walter Kerr Theatre, where you can see this otherworldly show.

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The Lion King actors in costume, with one in the foreground

The Lion King

Beat the winter cold by spending a few hours in sunny Africa at The Lion King, the roaring musical which is based on the beloved Disney movie. In the Pride Lands, under the rule of King Mufasa, the circle of life and all the animals in it are in perfect harmony. Mufasa has a young son named Simba, who he’s raising to one day take over the kingdom for himself. But Mufasa’s evil brother, Scar, usurps the throne early, driving Simba out.

Simba grows up on the outskirts of the Pride Lands, eventually coming of age where he would take over as king. He travels back to his home to fight his Uncle Scar and take back the kingdom that’s rightfully his, in his father’s honor. For its intricate and innovative life-size puppetry that brings the animal kingdom to life, The Lion King was an instant Broadway sensation when the show opened in 1997. Audiences continue to feel the love at the musical nearly 25 years later.

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Moulin Rouge! The Musical

Truth. Beauty. Freedom. Love. And a giant red windmill. That’s what you’ll find inside the Al Hirschfeld Theatre, which has been transformed into the titular Parisian nightclub for Moulin Rouge! The Musical. The lively, lavish musical adaptation of Baz Luhrmann’s hit film retains all the music and sparkle you’d expect from the “spectacular spectacular” onstage, including dozens of chart-topping pop songs from both the original movie and the two decades since its release.

The musical follows the bohemian writer Christian and his love story with Satine, the leading showgirl at the Moulin Rouge nightclub. But the Duke, a nobleman who donates to the nightclub, wants her for himself, and threatens to ruin the club if he cannot, so the lovers must keep their romance a secret. Can they? Find out at Moulin Rouge! The Musical, the winner of 10 Tony Awards including Best Musical.

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The Phantom of the Opera

Think of us when you go see The Phantom of the Opera after getting your tickets on TodayTix. There’s always a seat for you under the magnificent chandelier at the Paris Opera House, where Broadway’s longest-running musical is set. At center stage of this dark romantic tale is Christine Daaé, an ingenue singer who suddenly gets a chance to become the opera’s new leading lady. She’s been taking voice lessons, after all, from the Phantom: a mysterious, masked man who lurks in the opera house’s shadows.

Through famous songs like “The Music of the Night” and “The Phantom of the Opera,” the Phantom becomes consumed with a jealous love for Christine, while she finds herself falling for the opera’s benefactor and her childhood friend, Raoul. To find out who she chooses, whether she rises to stardom, and all the magic the Phantom is capable of, all we ask of you is that you go see this haunting musical.

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Tina: The Tina Turner Musical

Tina: The Tina Turner Musical

Nothing warms up a cold winter’s day like disco inferno! Catch that song and plenty more at Tina: The Tina Turner Musical, celebrating the trailblazing career of the Queen of Rock and Roll. This musical has the energy of a live Tina concert, with so much heart-thumping music and powerhouse singing that you’ll want to get out of your seat to sing and dance along. (Don’t worry, you’ll have the chance!)

But Tina is so much more than a revue of Turner’s greatest hits. The show follows her whole career as a musician, beginning with her upbringing as a church singer in Nutbush, Tennessee. The musical goes on to show her discovery by Ike Turner, who would become her musical partner and husband. But he becomes abusive and Tina decides to go off on her own, and we get to see Tina reinvent herself as the iconic solo act she is, with her inimitable fiery rock sound and famous dance moves. Tina is simply the best!

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How wonderful does an escape to Oz sound? Spend one short day there at Wicked, the most swankified musical on Broadway. You may know the story of The Wizard of Oz — how Dorothy teamed up with the scarecrow, tin man, and lion to get their wishes and defeat the Wicked Witch of the West. But before any of that happened, the Wicked Witch was just a misunderstood girl named Elphaba, and the rest of the Wizard of Oz characters were her college classmates.

In fact, Elphaba is roommates with the good witch Glinda, and the two become best friends after getting off to a rocky start. Their relationship gets complicated again when they themselves go to meet the Wonderful Wizard of Oz and discover he might not be as wonderful as everyone thinks. You’ll be changed for good after seeing Wicked!

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